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Do you have a movie, or commercial that needs WW2 military vehicles, or equipment, or re-enactors?  Maybe you are doing a web site and want a nice touch or a video with some action. How about any of these items not only from WW2 but from Korea, or Vietnam, or Iraq? We can supply them all.

This web site has been made as a show place for Historic Military Vehicles (HMVs) and Vintage Travel Trailers (VTT) that have been used in movies and commercials  and that are owned by collectors in New England. We are the only group in New England that have provided HVMs of our own and others from around the region to the movie world over the years.   

All the HMVs and VTTs shown here are available for rental for movies, commercials, web sites, displays, weddings, etc. And yes, we have even done funerals for veterans. In addition, we can supply other HMVs from bicycles to tanks and re-enactors from WW2 to present day.  Furthermore, should you need a WW1, yes World War One Army truck, we can provide that too! We can even get you WW2 or newer military aircraft!

We have experts who are knowledgeable in all areas; vehicles, armor, uniforms, weapons, you name it.

With the VTT, we can supply cars and other vintage items from the 30-90's

Come back often as this site is still under construction!

Enjoy the pictures and stories associated with our past rentals and adventures and if you have need for our services, please sent an email to info@ww2movievehicles.com or cckw@comcast.net


Shown here are the 1943 GMC model CCKW deuce and a half with the canvas and 50 caliber machinegun along with the 1942 Ford GPW Jeep

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