In 2008, we spent 30 days on and off the Shutter Island set. We provided a WW2 Jeep that is in the movie and obtained for them a slightly larger WW2 Dodge army truck shown below. The sites were Taunton Massachusetts, Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor and Medfield State Hospital Medfield, MA. In addition to the Jeep and 3/4 ton Dodge, we supplied a 3/4 Dodge duplicate HMV and a 3/4 ton Dodge Command Car.

Below are pictures of the set. All the brick and granite are fake! The whole entrance and about 1/4 mile of "brick wall" were made just for the movie . There are no walls around the facility in Medfield, Mass

Above is one of the uniformed guards in the movie. On the right, soldiers were staged beating a German at the Taunton, Mass facility.  


The entrance that people walked in an out of was added onto the side of the church. It was a dead end. There was no way you could get into the church from that entrance. The vines on the wall were stapled onto the bricks!

The above picture was taken on Peddock Island in Boston Harbor. The HMVs were brought out there on a landing craft

This picture taken from the landing craft shows us approaching the beach on Peddock Island. The HMV in the foreground is the one Leonardo and Mark Ruffalo rode in